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MASM: getting started

Hope you have MASM installed, if not then to download click here.

1. Assume that you have the MASM folder in path C:\MASM
    Open the MASM folder and double click on CMD.EXE

2.You will get the command window like this:

3. Now, to write your program you need to type the command edit followed by a suitable name for the program file followed by the extension .asm. Note that the names longer than 8 characters may not be suitable and latter you may not be able to link your program.

This will open the Editor window, which looks like this:

4. After writing the program you must save the file.
For that goto File tab and choose save.
After saving you must exit the editor by choosing Exit command under the File tab.
You will now reach the command prompt.

5. The program writing is done with. To run this program we must create the executable file, the procedure for which is given below..

5a. Assembling the program:
Create the object file by  typing the command  masm followed the name of your program file(with extension)..

If there are no errors the result should be:

In case there are any errors they will be notified, which must be suitably rectified..

5b.Linking the program:
To create an executable file from the object file the command is link, follow it with the .obj extension file that was created..

After you get the .exe file, it is time to tun the program.

6. To run the program using the debugger the command is cv which must be followed by the .exe file's name..

The debugger window will look like this..

Press F2 to get the register status bar on the right side..
To execute the program use F5 for burst execution or F8 for single-step execution..